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Hazardous situations require immediate response in order to be effective. If local Emergency Response Services can quickly dispatch to an area of the accident and quickly and succesfully respond to it, the damages and losses from it can be minimized.

Planning ahead is the best way to achieve quick response times. In order for our county to accomplish this goal, Jasper-Sabine Emergency Management conducts various training activities year-round. These excercises involve every  branch of local government, as well as Emergency Response Services, voluntary organizations, and other governmental entities.

Become part of JNSEM's initative to stay prepared by taking self-education courses through FEMA or local seminars, preparing an emergency supply and first aid kits, as well as staying aware of any possible hazards in your area.

One Gallon Of Water Per Person
Three Day Supply of Food
Manual Can Opener
Local Maps
Crank Radio
Wrench (To Turn Off Utilities)