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Emergencies and disasters can cause major disruptions in communication systems such as telephone and internet connections. Furthermore, even public information outlets (news channels, etc.) can become unavaliable. That is why owning a radio that is able to autonomously work for extended periods of time is extremely important, as it can help citizens to stay aware of the situation. 

Disaster Center Texas Disaster Tracking Drive Texas
Online map application with
real-time traffic conditions,
weather, and traveler resour-
ces. Drive Texas helps South
Texas residents to always be
aware of any accidents, road
closures, or road work in their
Largest Database of webistes and links that could be used to prepare for a disaster, remain aware of what is going on during one, and recover after an event passes.
Disaster Center contains link to county, state, and federal - related websites.

Texas Disaster Tracking Website tracks any State-wide disaster in real-time. It offers constant coverage of any disaster that can affect the state of Texas. Furthermore, it provides education links to promote awareness for things like seasonal flu, hurricane season, etc.